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Our service is aimed at importers, established exporters or those people who consider the possibility or opportunity to carry out an international purchase / sale and need advice, guidance to develop these initiatives. We also collaborate for all operations with agents abroad, as well as investment companies to settle in the country.

. Maritime, fluvial, air and land freights

International transport to and from around the world. By land, water or air.

. Multimodal transport (Combined transport)

We combine more than one mode of transportation to provide the best service.

. Free trade zone and Free port

Uruguay has a Free Trade Zone regime, where merchandise can enter without paying import taxes, to be transformed, add value, or re-ship to other destinations.

. Warehousing - Storage

Taking advantage of our Law of Ports, we have warehouses of goods within the port, where the charges are exempt from import taxes while they are deposited there.

. Customs Clearance

We also offer the service of customs clearance for imports, exports, international transits, income of tourist cars, personal effects.

. Consolidation and deconsolidation of merchandise

For those customers that the volume of their cargo is insufficient to load in a full container, we provide the weekly regular service of consolidation per cubic meter, for exports and imports. From and to the whole world.

. Regional and International transits

Movement of merchandise between countries of the region, including international freight and customs procedures.

. International movers

Processing, national and international transportation. We offer the packing, removal, loading and unpacking service.

. Foreign trade and consulting

Comprehensive advice on everything concerning international trade. We support new ventures, from the beginning. We provide information on possible suppliers around the world to ensure a safe business.