* To import you must be registered somewhere?

It can be imported without registering.

* Is it necessary to travel to the country of origin of the merchandise to buy?

It is unnecessary, you can coordinate purchase and coordinate the shipment from Uruguay, without associated costs.

* What would be your participation or intervention in the import or export?

We take care of contacts and communications with the other party, supplier or buyer of the merchandise. We coordinate the delivery and transfer to the place of destination.

* Are there impediments for imports of some merchandise?

Yes, for example: weapons, explosives, medicines, foods, communication equipment, etc. Authorizations of different organisms are required.

* Do I have to buy the amount needed to fill a container?

You can import the quantity you want, and then you load by air, sea or land. Transportation can be in small or large quantities. Full container or per cubic meter in shared container.

* Can we all import?

Yes, those that are companies only need the Tax Id number and present certificates of being up to date with BPS, BSE and DGI. Private individuals citizen can import sporadically with the identity document number.